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Character Pages from The 53

I recently got wildly inspired to work on a spy game, principally because I listened to Adele’s “Skyfall.” This game, tentatively called The 53, is an RPG that tries to recreate the feel of the James Bond 007 Game from back in the 80s. I didn’t have the chance to play it when it was actually in print (I was too poor to afford multiple games back then), and looking at it now, the mechanics seem awfully dated. Also wordy.

In any case, here are some pages for character creation. More to come.


Marks on Substrate

Sayla knew that the idea of noncorporeality, of bits sans grit, bodiless data, was an illusion, the construct of a mind that was itself a construct. The divide between simulation and reality was porously thin. Yet she felt irritated by these crude tactile inputs. The words floated in that other space. The keyboard was a dialing device. Trace the right ley line and an idea would wriggle from its ethereal sea into the world.

Sayla smiled at the signs. Printed words were not words. They are hints. Subtle clues for another mind to unravel. Games between constructs. The lowteks would not … Continue Reading