Swords and Planets

Swords and Planets is a planetary romance roleplaying game that harkens back to Moldvay Basic Dungeons & Dragons. In Swords and Planets, the worlds in the outer dark are inhabited by terrible beings, forbidden knowledge, and ancient races of men possessed of hideous super-science.

Swords & Planets

Swords & Planets

Creating a Player Character

The process of creating a player character involves the following steps.

  1. Characters are described by six ability scores. Write them down in this order: Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, Dexterity, Constitution, and Charisma.
  2. Roll 3d6 for each ability score and record the result. Next to each score, write down any modifiers.
  3. Select a character class and specialization suitable for your ability scores. Note the class’s prime requisite and any experience point adjustment (see below). Write down the special abilities of the class and specialization you chose.
  4. Roll your hit die to determine your starting hit points.
  5. Roll 3d6 and multiply the result by 10 to figure your starting funds. The currency used most often in the outer worlds is golden thrones, but these are commonly referred to as “gold pieces” (abbreviated gp).
  6. Purchase equipment with your starting funds.
  7. Write down your armor class.
  8. Give your character a name.

Experience Point Adjustments

Prime Requisite Experience Adjustment
3-5 -20% to earned experience
6-8 -10% to earned experience
9-12 No adjustment
13-15 +5% to earned experience
16-18 +10% to earned experience