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Archive for February 2008

But is it Bad?

12 Feb, 2008 | Dave |

Resisting authority or violating norms may be exhilarating, even productive. But when is it wrong? When do you cross the line from ignoring the rules to engaging in evil?

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Will to Life

12 Feb, 2008 | Brian |

I quote:

Astronomers Mark Swain and Gautam Vasisht of Caltech in Pasadena, US, and Giovanna Tinetti of University College London, UK, used the Hubble Space Telescope to observe the giant planet HD 189733b, which is slightly more massive than Jupiter and lies 63 light years from Earth. The observations confirm an earlier tentative detection of water vapour and reveal the presence of methane gas.

Source: Newscientist.com

I tend to be against the Drake equation, or any other equation regarding the probability of alien life. Instead, perhaps going against reason, I subscribe to the notion more-or-less put forward by Stephen Baxter, that life is, in fact, everywhere.

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Two Kinds of Good

09 Feb, 2008 | Dave |

Having started Mere Christianity on several occasions and never completed it (I hate admitting that), I never had the benefit of Lewis' wisdom on this topic. However, several of my friends and I came up with a corollary some years ago, and over time those thoughts have evolved into a similar view -- that there are two kinds of good.

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Unauthorized access

07 Feb, 2008 | Brian |

"I aim to misbehave."
- Capt. Malcolm Reynolds

Disobedience is one of my favorite topics, and has been ever since I read Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis, which was about 16 years ago. At that point in my life I was, if I do say so myself, an Internet pioneer. Not in the sense that I was inventing anything great, but rather that I was on the Internet. I believe it was 1991. I remember making a phone call to CompuServ and asking them if they could provide me with an Internet connection, and the poor customer service representative tried her best to pretend she knew what I was talking about. Of course she didn't. Hardly anyone did, back then. But I had a need to be on, the same way people feel the need now when their net connection goes down. You can't bear the disconnectedness.

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The movie will begin in five moments

02 Feb, 2008 | Brian |

Ever since I first took the chains off of this...this, and let it run its course (which against all odds it does not yet seem to have run), I have had the honor to receive a bona fide flood of email. The ostensible subject of these emails was a triad of films, but underneath, much to my profound joy, I discovered a deep sea of poignant, extraordinarily well-put philosophical questions. What is evil, anyway? What is the point of doing something that you've been told to do? How far can reasoning take you to knowing about God? How can you know anything at all? What about suffering?

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