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Escaping the Maze (Part 1)

21 Sep, 2010 | Brian |

I doubt that I have any kind of overall thesis for what Inception is about, except that it carries, to me, the themes of simulation and existentialism. Let me be clear that I don't think existentialism is depressing; just the opposite. We create meaning from events that have no intrinsic meaning, because that's what we do - finding patterns and connections where there aren't any. This is based on perception, which is where simulation comes in. We have the remarkable power to forge profound meaning out of purely simulated experience. We yearn for catharsis, and create for ourselves wondrous cathartic plays.

Make of that what you will!

This may one day become a full-on essay like the "others," but I won't create it that way. I'll do it piecemeal as time and attention allows (both of which flag regularly). Right now I'll handle the main question.

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