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Archive for December 2010

Escaping the Maze (Part 2)

29 Dec, 2010 | Brian |

"The heroes of all time have gone before us - the labyrinth is thoroughly known." -Joseph Campbell

Welcome nagging both internal and external has kept Inception well in my thoughts these weeks. It's past time that I press on with my study. I'm going to take it as solved from Part 1 that Cobb wakes up at the end, and therefore the film can be taken at face value, and that the film is not some sort of meta-comment on the acts of making and watching films (and might I add what an utterly boring premise for a story that is). Now I intend to focus on the subject of time, or subjective time, either way.

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Worried Wars over Stolen Relics

02 Dec, 2010 | Brian |

I don't normally go in for this kind of topic. I don't really have strong feelings about it, at least no stronger than how I feel when someone holds forth ignorantly on how many "rams" their computer has. It's a bit annoying, mostly cute. People can't be expert at all subjects, and that is perfectly fine. That does not mean I am automatically on equal footing with a person who has actual knowledge though. I should know better than to sputter loudly my fervent opinion on matters I haven't bothered to research.

It is my privilege to drive my kids to school in the morning. They are going to two different schools at present, and so after delivering the first one I make my way to the other, and on the path is a house with multiple "Keep Christ in Christmas" signs bannered all over the place. Why is one sign insufficient? It's not like you can miss any of them, the way they are displayed. Anyway, I get to thinking about it, every day, the same process of running down why this is a sign of uneducated buffoonery. It illustrates why revelation cannot supplant investigation. Maybe a better way to say this is that as soon as I think I have all the answers, that is the moment I am most apt to do something incredibly dumb.

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