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Warjacks and Dollhouses

23 Feb, 2011 | Brian |

I am old enough to remember the 80s, when the Frenetic Housemoms of America(TM) collectively swallowed the urban myth that Dungeons & Dragons was linked to Satanism. I had picked up the Red Box at a Kay-Bee Toys somewhere around 1983 or 84, and had run games with my brother and my dad. Old-schoolers will remember fondly such awfulness as an Elf with 1 hit point at first level. That was my dad's character. As a very young DM, I had my hands full trying to keep him alive as they waded hip-deep through kobold-infested caves. We didn't do anything Satanic that I can recall. Not a single pentagram was drawn; not a single goat was sacrificed (note: we actually owned a goat then, so the victim was handy).

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