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Bona Fide Matrix Discussion

23 Mar, 2011 | Brian |

Interested to see some actual analysis on Reddit today (and not the normal "What there were sequels?" japes): linky. I don't agree with some points being made, such as the Merovingian being the First One. The Architect's lines in the control room don't support that position. A kind of predecessor, to be sure, but not really part of the Neo lineage. I think a tenable assertion is that the Merovingian was the basis of the Neo Code, i.e., that things about the Merovingian were transferred into the Third Matrix to be the foundation of how Neo interacts with it. That I can buy.

Anyway, I'm surprised that I am still linked from the Wikipedia article on Revolutions. I thought I'd have got totally bumped off in favor of professional movie reviewers by now.

And no, I didn't post in that topic. I threw some upvotes around, but that's it.