Matrix: Reloaded Explained
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Matrix: Revolutions Explained
The essay
Selected reader comments

Moving sale

11 Jul, 2011 | Brian |

I have moved to another location. I probably will not be updating Undersea anymore. It was a fun experiment, but its day is over.

In time I will probably migrate anything interesting (read: non-ranting) over to the new blog. Then, ultimately, I will shut this one down.

Bona Fide Matrix Discussion

23 Mar, 2011 | Brian |

Interested to see some actual analysis on Reddit today (and not the normal "What there were sequels?" japes): linky. I don't agree with some points being made, such as the Merovingian being the First One. The Architect's lines in the control room don't support that position. A kind of predecessor, to be sure, but not really part of the Neo lineage. I think a tenable assertion is that the Merovingian was the basis of the Neo Code, i.e., that things about the Merovingian were transferred into the Third Matrix to be the foundation of how Neo interacts with it. That I can buy.

Anyway, I'm surprised that I am still linked from the Wikipedia article on Revolutions. I thought I'd have got totally bumped off in favor of professional movie reviewers by now.

And no, I didn't post in that topic. I threw some upvotes around, but that's it.

Collapsing the Wave Function

27 Dec, 2010 | Brian |

Courage is a strange thing. To wit, I am always deeply gratified when someone else has the courage to say what I think and feel, because the strangeness is that I did not even realize I was afraid to do it up to that point. The labyrinth gets even more bizarre when the very subject from which I cringe is, well, fear.

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Thirty-nine Cars

22 Oct, 2010 | Brian |

I had some sympathy for Jim Carrey's character in Yes Man. That doesn't mean I felt sorry for him; it means I know that path. I didn't have quite the same motivation he did, though. I would vow never to turn down an invitation because...well, just because. We're going to lunch, do you want to come? Yes. Maybe I didn't really want to, but who knows what kinds of novel opportunities I might miss if I refused?

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Inception Imminent

31 Aug, 2010 | Brian |

I finally saw this movie, and I really liked it. The major thing that came to mind was Baudrillard, which rumor says was required reading for the Matrix actors. (I don't know what the truth of that is, but it sounds plausible.) Both films went down that rabbit-hole.

Anyway, I am still processing everything I saw.

Inception Analysis

10 Aug, 2010 | Brian |

Some number of people wrote and asked whether I would be writing about this film. I still haven't seen it! I intend to, and when I do I intend to write up whatever it is I end up having to say about it. I just don't have any good way to predict when that will happen.