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Tribulations of Snow Shoveling

03 Dec, 2008 | Brian

I am out shoveling snow this morning and someone had already been over the walk with a sled. As everyone who lives in snow-prone regions knows, treading on new-fallen fluff makes it harder to remove. It packs down. You have to scrape at it.

Option number one: I can smile at the early December snowfall, and be happy that the world looks so wonderfully holiday-ish, and be glad for the good folks who, preceding me in their meager vehicle, got to experience the strange bright joy of making the first track across a pristine canvas. Option number two: I can fume about how inconvenient it is that I have to scratch off the packed snow.

Well, what I can say is that I want to be the person who picks Option One, but I am not that person. At least not yet.

Maybe I am a little bit now that I've written it.