Matrix: Reloaded Explained
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Matrix: Revolutions Explained
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Moving sale

11 Jul, 2011 | Brian |

I have moved to another location. I probably will not be updating Undersea anymore. It was a fun experiment, but its day is over.

In time I will probably migrate anything interesting (read: non-ranting) over to the new blog. Then, ultimately, I will shut this one down.

Bona Fide Matrix Discussion

23 Mar, 2011 | Brian |

Interested to see some actual analysis on Reddit today (and not the normal "What there were sequels?" japes): linky. I don't agree with some points being made, such as the Merovingian being the First One. The Architect's lines in the control room don't support that position. A kind of predecessor, to be sure, but not really part of the Neo lineage. I think a tenable assertion is that the Merovingian was the basis of the Neo Code, i.e., that things about the Merovingian were transferred into the Third Matrix to be the foundation of how Neo interacts with it. That I can buy.

Anyway, I'm surprised that I am still linked from the Wikipedia article on Revolutions. I thought I'd have got totally bumped off in favor of professional movie reviewers by now.

And no, I didn't post in that topic. I threw some upvotes around, but that's it.

Warjacks and Dollhouses

23 Feb, 2011 | Brian |

I am old enough to remember the 80s, when the Frenetic Housemoms of America(TM) collectively swallowed the urban myth that Dungeons & Dragons was linked to Satanism. I had picked up the Red Box at a Kay-Bee Toys somewhere around 1983 or 84, and had run games with my brother and my dad. Old-schoolers will remember fondly such awfulness as an Elf with 1 hit point at first level. That was my dad's character. As a very young DM, I had my hands full trying to keep him alive as they waded hip-deep through kobold-infested caves. We didn't do anything Satanic that I can recall. Not a single pentagram was drawn; not a single goat was sacrificed (note: we actually owned a goat then, so the victim was handy).

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Europa Off the Jersey Shore

06 Feb, 2011 | Brian |

I have tweeted excitedly a few times now about the Exoplanet App (free iTunes link) that I have been playing with lately. This is the kind of thing that I can get really worked up about. As of this writing it reports 526 exoplanets. The three-dee galaxy has me practically bouncing around like a kid.

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Chasm Crosser

01 Feb, 2011 | Brian |

Here is a thought experiment: Imagine there is a deep, dangerous chasm that you must cross. To fall into it means certain death. Two bridges are available. The first was built by an expert engineer, the second was built by a monk with no engineering knowledge. The monk assures you that he prayed earnestly that his bridge would not fail. The engineer assures you that his construction uses scientifically tested principles. 

It's not much of a choice, is it? Think about it honestly. 

Now suppose that the monk claims his prayers are always answered. I don't know about you, but I would still cross on the engineer's bridge. 

Hammurabi's Muse

23 Jan, 2011 | Brian |

Religion claims to be the source of morality. Without religion, they say, there is no reason to be good. From another perspective, they say that someone who puts no stake in religion is automatically bankrupt of morals, depraved, very probably hedonistic, and undeniably nihilistic. Note there is a difference between a person who belongs to a different religion and a person who is nonreligious. If you're in a different religion (or a different sect of the same religion), you're seen as basically sound but mistaken to some degree. Whereas the nonreligious person is completely, dangerously off the moral map.

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