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Lesser and nonexistant races in Merindrea

There are neither demons nor devils in Merindrea, and never were. As much as a million years ago, a very human-like but pre-human race became geographically isolated, and their “devilish” features became pronounced. By the time migration brought them into contact with humans again they had diverged down a different evolutionary path. There is no compatibility between tieflings and humans or elves. They are a different species.

No one is surprised to see tieflings, and there is no supernatural overtone to their appearance (even in elvish religions there aren’t any malignant spirits as such). Humans look down on them much the … Continue Reading

Human races in Merindrea

Wide range of sizes, although none quite as small as halflings and none quite as large as goliaths. Skin and hair colors are most commonly along the brown and red spectrums (very light to very dark), although some humans go into the gray and bluish tones and this is not viewed as unusual. Eye colors are almost always blue and green, and sometimes gray, despite skin tone. Dark eyes are rare and are seen as a portent. Otherwise PHB rules.

All human races (including the ones below) are secular, and have no gods of their own. As such, divine-based classes are … Continue Reading

Elvish races in Merindrea

Eladrin, along with gnomes, are the hangers-on of an expired technological civilization that characterized the Indric Age. They are not nature-lovers, and worked hard to suppress the worship of the Forest Lord in the early Indric period (a.k.a. the Old Indric Age). Humans don’t know them by the term “eladrin” and instead call them interchangeably “elf” or “gnome.” They keep themselves apart from human civilization and try to hold onto their steam-powered scientific magic.

Like all elvish people, however, they were deeply religious and worshiped many elvish gods. A wide range of major beliefs came and went during their hey-day. Even ostensibly secular … Continue Reading