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Travel Challenges in the Witchwood

I have been putting mental energy behind coming up with ways to make travel more fun and interactive. All the action right now takes place in a location called the Witchwood, so, you know, it’s woody. I started out doing the lame thing: You want to cross the woods you have to make Nature checks. If you fail you get lost.

This was not fun. Let me revise that. It was fun in only one way, which is that it made the elf ranger a very important person in one gaming session, because without her nobody was getting back to town. … Continue Reading

The Warwood Is Becoming Witchwood

Now that the lich-queen is establishing herself in the Three Towers, folk are leaving off calling the place the Warwood (which was a reference to the end of the Indric Age, kind of a long time ago now) and starting to call it the Witchwood, due to the…well, witchiness that is currently going on.

Eberron Imports

I have decided that rather than brew up a custom theme (Indric Builder), I am going to import directly the Artificer from the Eberron setting. It is almost exactly what I was going to invent anyway, and all the work is done — and hopefully reasonably well-balanced. In order to make this work the way I want, I am going to create an Artificer theme in the same way that 4e At-Will has been doing classes-as-themes for multiclassing.

The other thing I’m bringing in — athough I am going to meddle with it a little bit — is the Warforged race. … Continue Reading