Tales from the Warwood


Birmus Blump and Zieza Blump are up from Picaree, trying to make the enterprise fail. Campo knows about their presence and is manipulating to thwart their efforts.

  • Birmus thinks he can use the lich-queen to his purposes.
  • He’s backing Swanzano, a captain in the City Watch, against Burrick.
  • Swanzano will require “safety measures” that in fact draw the lich-queen’s attention to expeditions into the Wood. The bar to go out is set higher, permits are required, and those that do go out are in greater peril.


In some respects it was a mistake to remove their leader (though the rewards, yet unclaimed, are nice). Disorganized, yes; gone, no. They’ve turned ninja. Goreslex leads an orc assassins guild called Old Frog that is on the path of vengeance. Traps abound! Sneak attacks!


The orcs were keeping the Resurrectionists out of the forest. Now that they are leaderless, the pinkies are out in force.

  • There is a lich-queen gathering strength in the Three Towers.
  • The Rezzies have thrown in with her.
  • Moving through the forest now needs to keep from attracting her attention.

Mind Flayers

Not sure. Scheming. Their plans are long-term. They continue to take over victims in the city and cause them to pursue strange goals.

Forest Lord

Opposed to The Hollow, so he is ┬ámore or less neutral toward the mind flayers, orcs, and the lich-queen. The undead don’t bother him. His clerics can “turn” them with a root-spell that draws out their life and gives it to the cleric & allies. Minotaurs, elves, satyrs are trying to take back the forest. Relationship between Forest Lord and the dead elvish gods not yet understood.

Enchanters Guild

There is an old Indric tower in the city that vexes and perplexes them. Vardle, a wizard of the guild, has a job out to get it investigated. There are no doors or windows in the tower.

  • Research can uncover some of the circumstances under which a door appears.
  • Contacts may lead to map (or knowledge) of underground connections.
  • Contacts may also indicate treasures to be found within.

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