Building Beliefs from MG Recruitment (pt 1)

I think the Mouse Guard recruitment section is well done (as is all of MG) but it is missing two things to make it really great. First, it’s not apparent from the text that this should be a collaborative process. Nobody should be making this stuff up in a vacuum. You bounce each piece off the other players and the GM, everyone contributing. Second, I wish there was more guidance, or at least a set of questions, to turn character-building choices into roleplaying backstory.

My inclination is to build some of this second part. We’ll see how it goes. The first thing I wanted to do is make a chart that showed the relationship between starting towns, skills, and traits, because it was hard for me to visualize the choices I was making. What I mean is that I don’t necessarily say “I want to be from Shaleburrow.” I might instead say “I want to be an independent loner” and then pick the town that grants the Independent trait.

Here is that chart.


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