The One Ring Quick Start Rules

Seeing how Cubicle 7 has so far declined to release their own Quick Start Rules, and seeing how I feel the need to have them, I wrote it up. As a matter of fact, I think I quite like what I made here, because it illuminates certain strategies for playing the game.

There’s no way to play the game itself using only what I’ve written. You’ll still need a GM (aka Loremaster) who has the full ruleset. If you have the same profound affection as I do for both Tolkien and RPGs, you will go out and buy a copy of this anyway. It is without reservation the best Tolkien treatment thus far. However, it pays respect to what has preceded it – you can see hints of MERP and the Decipher RPG in there. And, honestly, it would be worth the price of admission for the artwork alone, which is beautiful.

But back to the Quick Start: I think this is just enough of a ruleset, when accompanied by pregenerated characters, to let new players “follow along” with a knowledgeable GM. Its purpose is introduction, and my belief is that it is suited.

I plan to run one or several intro games via Google+ Hangout within a few weeks. My target is based on the release of Tabletop Forge, which is a Hangout App for playing RPGs.

TOR Quick Start

4 thoughts on “The One Ring Quick Start Rules

  1. Good work Sir, you have saved me a task and a lot of time and effort for when i run the game. Cheers Ian

  2. …You are like a god to me sir…I love this RPG but its so hard to find things to explain to people, you have just made running this game 1000x easier…

    I salute you!

  3. Thank you! Was looking for something to introduce the system to players for a campaign. This is perfect!

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