Broken Lance

Over on the Plus, an gaming friend posted some cool-looking, vaguely post-apocalyptical military art. It immediately made me think “Twilight:2000 with mechs.”

(Artist credit:

It also made me think: Hey, I could do a short-form RPG for that. I already have the rudiments of a resource-hungry system that I started developing for a spy-themed RPG called Double O. (Which, by the way, I might go back to now that I have a better idea of how to work with it.) It’s a D10 system that’s technically roll and keep, although dice are “expensive” so it doesn’t force you to roll more than you want to.

In fact, you’ll never want to! This game’s mechanics are to be avoided at all costs.

And so I present Broken Lance, a 9-page mini-RPG.

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