Wands, Redux

All wands and staves have a number of charges, which is rolled when a character takes possession of the item. Typically, a wand has 1-8 charges and a staff has 1-12 charges. Discharged wands accumulate 1-4 charges per week in the hands of a magic-user, or 1-2 charges per week in the hands of any other class that can use wands.

One charge can be spent to cast a memorized spell with a 2-in-6 chance of retaining the spell after casting.

In addition, many (but not all) wands and staves also have a secondary power, which is rolled randomly. It costs 1 charge to activate this power.

  1. Quickness – Act at +1 initiative.
  2. Power – Next saving throw against this wand is at -1.
  3. Dueling – Gain +1 to a saving throw.
  4. The Serpent – Requires contact (to-hit roll). Save vs. poison or die*.
  5. Vitality – Gain +1d4 hit points (once per day).
  6. The Heavens – Cause +1 damage against demons, undead, or summoned creatures.
  7. Awareness – Surprised only a roll of 1 (lasts all day).
  8. Deflection – +1 AC versus missile attack.

* Affects creatures up to 4 HD. Above that, the poison inflicts 1d4 points of damage each round, with a saving throw allowed each round to end the effect.

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