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Building Beliefs from MG Recruitment (Pt 2)

Here is the second part of what I began with the origin-skill-trait chart. The idea here is to go through the “lifepath” to borrow Burning Wheel term of your guardmouse, building up a history as you go.

Not every decision point gets fleshed out. Telling the story of every single skill acquisition would get stale, and would take forever too. So it’s just the main points, although it focuses a lot on the early stages of life. There are many other questions I might try to add to these charts over time — we’ll see.

The charts don’t take into account Nature, … Continue Reading

Building Beliefs from MG Recruitment (pt 1)

I think the Mouse Guard recruitment section is well done (as is all of MG) but it is missing two things to make it really great. First, it’s not apparent from the text that this should be a collaborative process. Nobody should be making this stuff up in a vacuum. You bounce each piece off the other players and the GM, everyone contributing. Second, I wish there was more guidance, or at least a set of questions, to turn character-building choices into roleplaying backstory.

My inclination is to build some of this second part. We’ll see how it goes. … Continue Reading

The Crone’s Illusion

Below is a repost, salvaged from the olden days, of my thoughts on the film Agora, which I most heartily acclaim.

My reaction to Agora was highly charged, and I wanted to let myself cool down long enough to write something sane, something that wasn’t a searing screed against book-burning fundamentalists. I finally got there, and lucky too, because what I ended up discovering in this film was enlightening for me.

I have a mighty respect for Roger Ebert, who has a keen critical mind, but when he calls Agora … Continue Reading

Hammurabi’s Muse

Below is a (very slightly edited) repost of something I wrote on the basis of morality, salvaged from the olden days.

It is reasonable to expect social animals to have social rules. It just makes sense – without a social contract, you don’t have a society. Human beings are social animals, and so of course we have a social contract. What religious people claim is that the social contract is the product of and dependent upon a divine contract – i.e., the relationship between humans and one or more supernatural agents. Knock out the divine contract and whoops! you’ve got no … Continue Reading