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Wands, Redux

All wands and staves have a number of charges, which is rolled when a character takes possession of the item. Typically, a wand has 1-8 charges and a staff has 1-12 charges. Discharged wands accumulate 1-4 charges per week in the hands of a magic-user, or 1-2 charges per week in the hands of any other class that can use wands.

One charge can be spent to cast a memorized spell with a 2-in-6 chance of retaining the spell after casting.

In addition, many (but not all) wands and staves also have a secondary power, which is rolled … Continue Reading

Belief for alignment

Belief for alignment
This is one of a series of hacks I will be implementing in a D&D 4e game. Some of the ideas for this hack were stolen and adapted from articles at 4e At-Will.

Instead of alignment, which I have always felt is kind of vague and purposeless, we’ll substitute beliefs. Characters have one or more of them, and they can be “discovered” during play as well. The concept is to write down specific guides to action. It is perfectly fine to come up with any beliefs you like, but because such a wide-open intellectual space can make it … Continue Reading