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Spells for The One Ring

I know what you’re thinking! “Geez, man, this has already been tried by like a dozen people and it always kind of sucks.” Yeah. Well, here we go again.

First off, let’s clear up this bit of etymology: Dwimmer-craft (or more properly Dweomer-craft) means Dwarf-craft. So magic that falls under Dweomercraft ought to be the Dwarf-charms, i.e., the ones listed under the Broken Spells virtue for Dwarves.

Right. As might already be apparent, I intend to subsume the Elf-charms and Dwarf-charms from the Adventurer’s Book into my system — they are examples of spells that fall into the two aforenamed classes. It … Continue Reading

The One Ring Quick Start Rules

Seeing how Cubicle 7 has so far declined to release their own Quick Start Rules, and seeing how I feel the need to have them, I wrote it up. As a matter of fact, I think I quite like what I made here, because it illuminates certain strategies for playing the game.

There’s no way to play the game itself using only what I’ve written. You’ll still need a GM (aka Loremaster) who has the full ruleset. If you have the same profound affection as I do for both Tolkien and RPGs, you will go out and buy a copy of … Continue Reading