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The Warwood Is Becoming Witchwood

Now that the lich-queen is establishing herself in the Three Towers, folk are leaving off calling the place the Warwood (which was a reference to the end of the Indric Age, kind of a long time ago now) and starting to call it the Witchwood, due to the…well, witchiness that is currently going on.

Elvish races in Merindrea

Eladrin, along with gnomes, are the hangers-on of an expired technological civilization that characterized the Indric Age. They are not nature-lovers, and worked hard to suppress the worship of the Forest Lord in the early Indric period (a.k.a. the Old Indric Age). Humans don’t know them by the term “eladrin” and instead call them interchangeably “elf” or “gnome.” They keep themselves apart from human civilization and try to hold onto their steam-powered scientific magic.

Like all elvish people, however, they were deeply religious and worshiped many elvish gods. A wide range of major beliefs came and went during their hey-day. Even ostensibly secular … Continue Reading

Tales from the Warwood

Birmus Blump and Zieza Blump are up from Picaree, trying to make the enterprise fail. Campo knows about their presence and is manipulating to thwart their efforts.

  • Birmus thinks he can use the lich-queen to his purposes.
  • He’s backing Swanzano, a captain in the City Watch, against Burrick.
  • Swanzano will require “safety measures” that in fact draw the lich-queen’s attention to expeditions into the Wood. The bar to go out is set higher, permits are required, and those that do go out are in greater peril.

In some respects it was a mistake to remove their leader (though the rewards, yet unclaimed, are nice). … Continue Reading